Sharing and giving for Christmas

As the month of December arrives, the climate becomes balmy. Christmas is coming ! Christmas, a festival celebrated all over the world, indicates the birth of Jesus. It is also a very happy occasion for most of us, because we receive presents, cakes etc.


But, there are many people, who don’t celebrate Christmas due to the fact that they have financial issues. Those people who live in poor homes with hardly anything to eat are therefore stranded alone at Christmas. I’m sure, loads of you will say that ‘It’s not right’. It is correct, it’s not right, we must also think about the needy. Therefore, we can donate, share and give. Think about it. If there is an unused toy you don’t need, think about the little poor children who would love to play with it. This is the true spirit of Christmas.

Sharing also has benefits, even without you knowing about it. How is that possible? For example, think about that toy you don’t use. If you give it to someone, it is being reused. The child, who will be receiving it, will be delighted about it and will therefore reuse it. Think about it! Let us all share and give for Christmas.


Imeth De Silva

3rd of December, 2017