BEST BOOK REVIEWS:The Mystery of the Strange Messages

First Prize

Out of a library of books I have read, the mystery series, The Five Find-Outers written by Enid Blyton, has always been one of my favourites. The fourteenth book in the series is The Mystery of the Strange Messages. It was first published by Methuen in 1957.

Anonymous letters to Mr. Goon, the village policeman! Mr. Goon suspects Frederick Trotteville and his gang behind this, playing a prank on him. But, it turns out to be a mystery. Fatty and his friends Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets along with Ern, Mr. Goon’s nephew, use their skills and brains and track down Mr. Smith (mentioned in the anonymous letters) down to Fairlin Hall. Mr. Smith, who had a dark past, is now left ill, with his kind wife, Mrs. Smith. However, Mr. Goon turns the Smiths out of Fairlin Hall, as the anonymous message told him to do. While Mr. Goon thinks he solved the mystery, Fatty has other ideas. His curiosity reveals a mystery as Fatty finds the lost diamonds in Fairlin Hall.

I liked this story because it shows kindness, bravery and how to become a strong character like Frederick Trotteville (Fatty). This is a book that will make you read it again and again.


Imeth De Silva