Book Review

First Prize:


I have read many books and out of these I have selected The Chronicles of Narnia as my favourite series. It is a collection of vivid stories written by C.S. Lewis and published by Harper Collins. The stories bring out all sorts of mythical creatures to life such as dwarfs, giants, dryads, naiads, fauns and talking animals!

C.S. Lewis creates a clear and rich imagination in our minds. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is my favourite book. Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter are the four main characters. Lucy, the youngest, is the first to discover Narnia inside a wardrobe. She meets the faun, Tumnus and makes friends with him. At first the others do not believe Lucy’s story, but when they themselves get to Narnia they believe her. But alas! Will they be able to stop the evil witch and bring Christmas to Narnia? I like this book because it teaches us lessons about courage and heroism.

Imeth  De Silva